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  1. Lifetime hunter/First time viewer/Subscriber: Great duck video. I've been grilling woodies and others like this for years, only changes are I used apple jam instead of applesauce and add a little red pepper (Grandpa taught me some sixty years ago). I can tell you don't give a hoot about the city boys criticism on temperature, cause, while I don't usually have a thermometer, I cook-um only to medium-rare. Grandpa eat-um like that till he died at 83 and I'm still eat-um that way at 73. Yall keep cooking and I'll keep watching!!! Oh, I do remove my calls when cleaning and cooking mainly cause they get in my way.

  2. bbq pit boys… did u throw away all the other parts? i am Malaysian and therefore not really familiar with American wild duck. but here in malaysia… we only throw away the head and the feet and of course feather

  3. now I ain't ever hunted a duck or de-breasted a duck but with all the blood I don't think that's healthy my man,I ain't no wus or anything but I would've clean it before putting it on the grill at least a lil bit

  4. If you need to fast forward to the end , you may as well go to another channel like maybe Rachel Ray or Ramsey. This is real cooking. My boy is excited to try this recipe after duck hunt this winter. Thanks guys for the tips.

  5. Just the breast? What about the rest? Do you make a stock out of the remnants or do you discard the carcass or….what?

    And what about the tongue? That's supposed to be good too! (granted you'd need an entire flock to make a whole meal, so never mind)

  6. That breast looked like it was hit pretty good multiple times to me. I love the way when he's tearing that duck apart and all his calls get dipped in the blood and guts and then he goes ahead and blows on it later while he's waiting for the stuff to cook. I love your cooking videos but "THUMBS DOWN" on that little tidbit. LOL

  7. Hey that's good livin' boys. I've never hunted nor cooked wild duck but I'm curious about one thing. I didn't see him remove any shot from those birds. Were there none in the breast?

  8. Talán, ha jól láttam vadkacsa !! Ennek is finom a húsa.
    Nem árt neki, ha baconba van tekerve, mert mint minden vadnak, kicsit száraz a húsa, .- viszont, Így is ötletes !!!

  9. 2 question for the PitMasters: Why is it that wild ducks breast tastes like liver ( and the red color as well)? What makes farm ducks breast white and how does it taste like for that matter? Obviously I have never eaten duck, wild or civilized. Appreciate your guidance.

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