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  1. hey man, the recipes where you are cooking on the big green egg just seem so unrelatable because those things are so expensive. can you get back to cooking on the barrel grills?

  2. Thank you my friend. I prepared my London Broil this way tonight…… it was awesome! A big hit! I don't have an Egg, but I did the same thing on my True infrared only heating up one side. Then cranking up the heat for the sear. Perfect Perfect Perfect. Thank you so much. Love what you do. please keep it coming.

  3. Here in Canada a London broil is this cut but the meat is cut thin,then ground seasoned pork put in it and its rolled up into a long tube and cut into disks and grilled

  4. Man!!!!! you along with bbq pit boys have the best instructional videos out their.  I do alright with a London broil but I think you just showed me how to be even better.  TKS!!!!!

  5. I love your take on the London Broil. I'm going to do this for my customers next week. I do prepared meals for diet clinic and give them Smoked meats to add alot of flavor without the Calories. This video just gave me some great inspiration. Love the Videos man!

  6. Malcom (or anyone) please help.. I can't get my smoker to stop billowing white smoke. I let the coals get hot (white) then i place my logs on.. Once those are really burning i close the firebox lid and start controlling the heat with the dampeners.. which i can keep control of.. but the smoke.. its always thick and white.. what am i doing wrong?

  7. do not touch hot surfaces with "rubber" gloves on. if you make a mistake and touch a surface that's too hot, you will give yourself a far worse burn than touching with bare hands!

  8. Great videos Malcolm – I've never even considered doing a London Broil on the grill. You and John (Kamado Joe) are my favorites b/c you guys are very thorough on the details you include in your videos as well as keeping it informative and educational. Keep up the good work!

  9. Malcolm, or anyone that cares to comment…how long should I plan for the smoking part? Is there an estimated times guide or a calculator you can link based on target temps, type of meat, thickness and grill temp?


  10. I want to try this but I just have a standard 3 burner electric grill. Can I get similar results if I heat up 2 of the burners and put the meat on the side that I didn’t turn on? But some wood chips in foil. Smoke it out that way, then when it hits temp move it to the heated side for the grill marks? Total newbie.

  11. Hey Malcom,
    Funny, I was just on your site a few day ago looking for London Broil. Glad you added it. Whenever I smoke or BBQ I always go to your site for direction. So far everything has turned out like you said. Keep up the good work!

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