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  1. You are wrong about soaking skewers. If you soak, you don't need to fight the fire as you do in your own video. Also, you can actually flip them and let all sides crisp. Love your recipes!

  2. hey guys, for those of us who live abroad, would be great if you could tell us what's in them rawwbs(rubs) you use so that maybe we could come up with something similar. Thanks a lot for the vids!

  3. How do you keep your coals hot for such a long period of time. When I BBQ it seems my grill loses temp. So when I take it off its not done all the way through or it takes way longer thsn the recommended time. Love your videos I have already done a couple like the meatloaf and the steak and bacon rolls and want to do many more!! Thank you for showing all these great recipes! 

  4. Loved your addition of Cilantro and Lemon to your marinade, that left over marinade would make a great pan sauce for the Sticks cooked on the pit too. Your marinade has great flavors! Loved this fun to grill recipe!

  5. Wow! Loved this recipe… Will add it to my summer feasting at the grill. Thanks so much! BTW was just thinking as I also Bake all of my Bread products from scratch. How about a recipe for a Bread with roasted Garlic, Onions and some Bacon and Cheese cooked up at the PIT by you Pit Boys. That would be amazing to me, not sure how to pull it off though. Help!

  6. I've done this a few times on my smoker.  I use chicken tenderloins, marinade and rub them, then wrap them with thin bacon on 6" skewers that I got on Amazon.  The trick, to keep the chicken from drying out, is to cook them to about 100 degrees on the smoker and then finish them up in a skillet with Olive Oil.  The chicken stays moist and the bacon is crisped up.  Best meal I ever had is these and The Potato Bomb they demonstrate;  Thanks to these magicians in all they do for us at no charge.

  7. I had to subscribe to yall!! this IS the best grillin channel I have found yet!!! my family and I do a lot of camping and such so I love how easy all of your recipes are. thank you sooo much!!

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