Authentic Cajun Food

Authentic Cajun Food
If you love cooking and experimenting with different foods then you will love authentic Cajun food. Although there are several different styles Cajun is founded from the heart and the flavors and styles are amazing. You will love learning about the different Cajun spices and how they can affect a meal. Often there is no set recipe and the methods would have been passed down from generation to generation through families. Once you understand the methods behind the cooking then you can produce excellent Cajun food.

Cajun cuisine is named after the French speaking “Cajun” immigrants who were deported to the US from Canada. It is a very simple rustic style of food which is still enjoyed today the ingredients and preparation of authentic Cajun meals is very simple. Usually it is common for the meal to be prepared in three pots, one for the main course, one for rice and the other for vegetables. The Cajun spices and core ingredients are the reason why Cajun is so good; they do not over complicate the food and keep it very simple.

Grilling and barbequing meats are very popular when cooking authentic Cajun cuisine and the traditional recipes would have used a great deal of smoked meats to enhance the flavor. Although Cajun spices are used there are no exact measurements and often they are added to taste. So often you will make the same dish over and over and it will taste totally different every time. Although different the authentic Cajun meals will still taste delicious every time. Finding the right ingredients can be a challenge and this will be a challenge depending on where in the world you are.

You may find specialty food shops that will stock authentic Cajun food and Cajun spices which can help you to create amazing dishes. If there are no shops near you then you should try on the internet as there are many different stores and food shops online. Once you have sourced your ingredients you should start experimenting to see what tastes good. You need to cook authentic Cajun food from the heart and take your time. The whole process of cooking Cajun is that it is relaxed and takes time you will also find that it is a great time to get everyone involved and enjoying the cooking process.

Once you have found the style and taste of Cajun that you enjoy then you will find that you are using the Cajun spices in a lot of different dishes. With cooking there are no rules and if you enjoy the flavors and tastes then that is all that matters. Cooking should be an enjoyable thing to do and not a chore for you to get by. If you find a style that you enjoy cooking like authentic Cajun food then you should share the passion with other people. Friends and family will love eating your great tasting food. You can enjoy a traditional barbeque with Cajun foods whilst relaxing with friends, there is no better way to spend a lazy summer’s night.

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Traditional Cajun Food

Traditional Cajun Food
Cajun cuisine is a legacy of the French Acadians. Originally residents of Nova Scotia, they settled in Louisiana after many were ejected from their homeland by the British. The now world famous Cajun style of cooking developed after the Acadians settled in the swampy Louisiana territory. The French Acadians were farmers with large families of up to eight persons each. In order to feed such a large family, they had to learn how to adapt their French cuisine to incorporate local bayou ingredients such as crawfish, rice and sugar cane, to supplement a low cost protein rich meal.

Cajun cuisine is sometimes also referred to as ‘rustic cuisine’ since it only used what was plentiful or readily available at any given time. Preparation of traditional Cajun food is very simple. It is effectively a ‘three pot affair’ where each pot is dedicated to a particular dish. Often, one pot would be for the main meal which was for the most part a protein rich one, the next pot would be used to prepare a grain dish and the last to make whatever vegetable is readily available.

Cajun recipes were passed down from one generation to the next solely by word of mouth. As often happens with oral traditions, the recipes evolved over the ages as each generation added an extra ingredient or changed the cooking methods employed for certain dishes. As a result, it is usually hard to come across a single recipe that can be deemed THE traditional Cajun food recipe. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it gives each Cajun chef the flexibility to add something extra and tweak the menu a little to obtain their own unique recipe.

Despite this constant recipe evolution, there are some elements of Cajun recipes that have remained constant through the years. The ‘trinity’ combination of onions, celery and bell peppers is one of the elements that most chefs of traditional Cajun food would swear by. Another long held tradition is the use of Cayenne pepper as a spice. But in spite of popular belief that Cayenne is the spice that gives most Cajun recipes their taste, the correct position is that the underlying flavor of most Cajun food is derived from the cooking method which often includes a simmering phase.

Among the more popular traditional Cajun meals include gumbo, boudin and jambalaya. Gumbos are Cajun stews that have okra as the base ingredient – the vegetable lends a unique taste to the stew and doubles up as a thickening agent. Boudin is a sausage shaped delicacy that is stuffed with rice, pork, garlic, green onions and a variety of other spices. Gumbo and boudin will usually be served with bread, rice dressing or maque choux. A jambalaya dish includes rice and anything else the chef wants to include. Usually the ‘trinity’ ingredients will be included in a gumbo, boudin and jambalaya.

When it comes to the protein part of Cajun cuisine, seafood is a common ingredient as is game meat. For traditional Cajun food, the seafood will comprise crawfish, oysters, red fish shrimp or crabs. Game meat could vary from wild turkey to frog, turtles or gator meat. The constant in all Cajun recipes however is rice which is included in large quantities in every meal. Some other ingredients that go into preparing traditional Cajun food include yams, tomatoes, oranges, okra, beans, homemade sausages, figs, pecan, pork and black eyed peas.

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Wine Totes Make A Great Hostess Gift

Wine Totes Make A Great Hostess Gift

While wine is definitely the traditional hostess gift, it’s also a little generic. Simply because everyone expects to give and receive wine when it comes to a dinner party or other, hostess gift appropriate occasion, it’s not as special and doesn’t have the wow factor that people usually hope for when it comes to gift giving occasions. Just because the motion of and reason for giving a gift is routine, that doesn’t mean that the gift itself has to be mundane or ordinary. If you really want to wow the next hostess you present with a bottle of wine, be sure to present your wine in one of any number of beautiful, affordable wine totes.

Wine Totes Come In All Styles

Whether the hostess in question is a traditional, elegant person who would go for classic dark wicker, a fun loving hostess who’d be happy with a brightly colored fashion print fabric tote, or any style in between, there’s definitely wine totes available that will make anyone happy. While fabric totes are gaining in popularity and have the most options for color, pattern, shape and style, the more traditional wicker wine totes and totes with stainless steel accents have an appeal all their own.

Wine Totes Are Inexpensive

Since most wine totes— even ones that are elegant or ornate and come with additional extras— are priced at less than twenty bucks a pop, they won’t add a significant amount of money on to the price tag of your bottle of wine, and the wine totes will make an indelible mark on the memory of the people who receive them. Additionally, since most wine totes also act as a cooler, they will keep the wine at the perfect serving temperature— tempting your hostess to open your bottle on the spot!

Don’t let the bottle of wine you spent so much time picking out just get sent to the back of the wine rack with all the other hostess gifts.

Use wine totes to make your gift thoughtful and unique, considerate and fun— a twist on a classic that can only be appreciated. It only takes a small change to make a big impact, and in this case, slipping your bottle of red or white wine into any of a number of beautiful wine totes will really make a statement— both about how you appreciate the person receiving your gift, and about you.

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Baking Tips to Help You Turn Out Luscious Cakes and Pies

Baking Tips to Help You Turn Out Luscious Cakes and Pies

Is baking really a lost art as many people believe? Not really! While Mom and Grandma might not be in the kitchen every day turning out luscious cakes and pies, there are still times when Mom and Grandma, as well as Dad and Granddad, set aside time to enjoy creating baked goods for their families.

The following tips may not all be useful to home bakers, simply because everyone uses different techniques. However, there is sure to be something here that will provide a quick fix to a baking problem.

* Have trouble rolling out butter-based piecrust? Try this: Roll out from the center lightly, and then cover the crust with a large piece of plastic wrap. Keeping rolling crust out until it reaches the edges of the plastic and then flip it over. Now the crust is on top of the wrap. Put another larger piece of plastic wrap on top and continue rolling until the crust reaches desired thickness. Then refrigerate if needed. This method helps the crust hold its shape, relieves that annoying tendency to split and helps prevent adding too much flour when rolling.

* Need a pie immediately for unexpected visitors or that school bake sale a child forgot to mention? Give up your pride and keep some pie-crust mix on hand. Substitute a few tablespoons of sour cream for some of the water called for in the mix recipe. The sour cream adds flavor and makes the crust flakier, so no one will ever know you used a packaged mix.

* Want a glossy finish on your pie? Brush it with some beaten egg whites.

* Don’t ditch that leftover pie-crust! Top it with Gruyere or Parmesan cheese, bake it and slice it into small slivers. Guests will rave about your succulent appetizer.

* Instead of flour, use a little bit of cake mix instead.

The mix will bake right into the batter so there won’t be add white powder on the sides of the cake.

* If the layers of a cake stick, return them to a warm oven for a few minutes and they’ll come out easily. Another option is to line the bottom of the baking pans with some waxed paper (NOT plastic wrap!).

* Dip a spoon first in milk, and cookie dough will drop easily onto the baking sheet.

* A damp towel underneath the breadboard will keep it steady while the baker kneads bread dough. Also, be sure to place dough away from drafts when it’s rising. Otherwise, the drafts will make the dough rise too slowly and unevenly.

* Spray the dough hook of your electric mixer with vegetable cooking spray, and the dough won’t stick.

* Always work with fresh ingredients. For example, to test baking powder, place on teaspoon in one-third cup of water. Toss it out if it doesn’t fizz, because that’s a sure sign the baking powder is too old to work properly.

Here’s a pastry tip as a bonus: When preparing strawberries with sugar for shortcake, add some fresh mint, a squirt of lime juice and a pinch of salt. The berry flavor will dance across the diners’ palates!

Anya created her little girl’s stunning cupcakes herself – and she had never ever produced any kind of party cake previously! Being an average cook, she needed a recipe she could easily put together well ahead of time, and so she chose Christmas cupcakes for the school party.

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